Week 3

Mission statement 

I am trying to be more selfish with my time.  In other words I am going to try and be more focused and less distracted.   I am going to do this for the next three/six months to see how I go and see what I can achieve.   

Schedule is to complete at least ten hours of writing every week and at least seven hours of Italian.

Week 3 


So the initial plan was to not write for a week and take a well deserved (if I do so myself) break so that I could come back with fresh eyes.   But there were lots of things which bugged me, so I decided to use some of my rest time to consider the chronology and realism of the plot.

So minus the part where I actually gave myself  a break for a week, I worked and am still working on the realism, putting in plot points and joining them up.  It is a task which works best at home as it is better to print out chapter by chapter and read them out loud.  However  I don’t necessarily work best with other people in the house, too easily distracted, plus I am usually tired after work and my bed is right near my desk, too tempting. But that is what I am going to have to do and so will it be done.

So last week I talked about this website where I will be reviewing work and in a short amount of time will be submitting some of my work.  I will be doing that today as it makes sense, as per above.  But my point is I had a gander at what was there and one of the pieces, ok the only piece I could see as the web site isn’t intuitive and I prefer clean, non cluttered and very stupid proof websites because my view is that the website is just a tool to other resources so it should take limited thought to navigate around.  Anyway I digress, so after reading this pieces at the end there was this kind of summary from the author and it said because it is lit fic that plot doesn’t matter only theme…  I am not expert but plot is everything without it, surely you can just write a collection of words to invoke feeling.  Crazy.

In any case, yes, the experiment, going well, it is almost routine.   And once I have finished reviewing some stuff and get someone to review some of my stuff  I should be up onto the next step, not counting revisions in between.

I feel like this time I am submitting it because it is ready and not because it has taken so much time that it should be ready. So thumbs up  to this, I have done more in these past few weeks than I have before and you know what, it feels good.


So I finished another round of Michel Thomas’s Italian, so I am on track in that sphere.  At the same time I am also completing Duolingo which gives me a break from Michel and pupils who manage to be a bit annoying sometimes.  Anyway, yesterday I come on this category of present words and I think, boom, I can do this, test me out I got this.

WRONG.  So there is the very real possibility that someone can use a completely different words to express knowing, conoscere  and sapere both mean to know and if that goes for many other words, someone can say something and I will have absolutely no idea what they are saying.  Annoying but as my friend said when I was voicing my concerns over another part of the language, it is what it is, get over it. And so I intend to, the more I learn the better I will become.

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