Mission statement 

I am trying to be more selfish with my time.  In other words I am going to try and be more focused and less distracted.   I am going to do this for the next three/six months to see how I go and see what I can achieve.   

Schedule is to complete at least ten hours of writing every week and at least seven hours of Italian.

Week 2 


Despite the usual tiredness I managed to finish the 4th draft of my novel last week.  So what does it look like?  Well, it needs a bit and two halves of work…. and maybe a bit more after that.    

On a more positive note, I can say even though I’m just three weeks in, the selfish with time experiment has helped.   The day by day document of my struggles in a blog however, has not, lol. Therefore I am reducing it down to weekly updates on a Monday.

I am now trying to find a critique partner.  Hoping for someone established but  if not someone who can see what I can’t and give me helpful feedback that can improve my work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to build a relationship so that I have someone I can call on permanently in all future writing endeavours.   

With the online critique groups you get the added bonus of learning to critique someone else’s work too, which is good for reflection.  Plus the internet may actually start working in my favour.  By this I mean instead of some people being way too free, damn right offensive and racist in their YouTube or Daily Mail comments, it may free others to give unbiased, thoughtful and helpful critique of my work.  So I may use that as an avenue.  We will see.

But before then I need to iron out a few creases.  I am taking a week break from writing so that I can concentrate on continuity of the novel.  So still a writing type activity. 

For my own part, even though it may not be ready quite yet, I actually like it.  I mean I am deeply critical of my own work but I enjoy the story, even more so than when I wrote the first draft which fell way short of the target.  Putting in a few more subplots and giving other characters airings suits it. 


I also finished my first two Michel Thomas audio lessons.  Am I competent to have a conversation in Italiano, non so lo spero.   

I can identify bits of what I have to say and once I know more verbs there is no real reason why I cannot use them in all sentences, but I am still trying to understand some of the rules around how to use certain things.  Like ‘I do not understand what you are saying’ is actually when I break it down to translate, ‘not I understand what you want to say’ so it’s not so straight forward and I am eager to master it.        

What I can  say though is that I am enjoying it. Therefore I will be continuing even after I go to Rome.  Nowadays I find myself looking at words in English (when I am not novel writing) and thinking of the Italian word for it.   

In terms of the experiment, I had one slip up when I got caught up watching Stranger Things on Netflicks.  Actually really good, they were right when they said it is like a mix of Close Encounter and ET.   Would recommend it for when you don’t have to write or learn Italian with Michel.  It is quite addictive.

In any case I caught up with Italian on Saturday, which was better because I wasn’t so tired. 

Anyway, sono molto stanco e ho bisogno andare a casa.

Till next week where I’ll let you know how week 3 has gone.

Preview: today has not been too bad.

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