Mission statement 

I am trying to be more selfish with my time.  In other words I am going to try and be more focused and less distracted.   I am going to do this for the next three/six months to see how I go and see what I can achieve.   

Schedule is to complete at least ten hours of writing every week and at least seven hours of Italian.

Day 7


So today hasn’t gone as well as I had expected.  Tiredness has meant that I have been writing bad crap, not good crap.

Now you may think there is little difference but here is how I differentiate.  Bad crap is that crap you write when you are too tired, drunk, lethargic or distracted to write.   It’s the crap which needs several work overs. Good crap is: think I have done alright for today but going forward I think I could revise this to make it much better.  Today was a bad crap day.  Though on a scale of 1-10 it isn’t the worst I have done.

Anyway, I still got a portion written but really and truthfully I need to map the time lines a little better like I did with the previous sections of the book.  Plan to start redrafting in September, at the latest, which is achievable even accounting for this bad crap day.

So one of the things that distracted me was this link to the BBC website, which one of my friends sent me on WhatsApp.  It was an article about this guy who spent days (ten I think) in a Chinese airport waiting for this girl he had spoken to for two months online and she didn’t turn up.  Mmmmm, story idea I think.  Anyway yeah, ten days and refusing to leave, or just cheap in not wanting to pay for an early flight home? Not sure, anyway, point is easily distracted, though I would advise to read the article.

Also I am on my way to the theatre tonight which meant I was checking my phone to keep an eye on the time. Thing is, I could get a watch to rid myself of the excuse that I need to check my mobile for the time but watches and clocks make me anxious. I mean when I have watch on my wrist or a clock in my room it’s like I can feel the moments of my life slipping away but if I just see them like in work or in the kitchen, it doesn’t have the same result.  Strange but true but i am way off point so I’ll finish this line of thinking here.


Actually doing alright and I am almost finish the part that I am listening to.  Now whether this translates itself to me being able to speak it, I don’t know, but I have a working knowledge of somethings.

Still need to clarify others and just take my time when I am speaking.  The funny thing is usually I feel like my words don’t match up to the rate that I am thinking but with learning a new language I have to stop and think and not rush ahead.  It’s a great hidden benefit.

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