Mission statement 

I am trying to be more selfish with my time.  In other words I am going to try and be more focused and less distracted.   I am going to do this for the next three/six months to see how I go and see what I can achieve.   

Schedule is to complete at least ten hours of writing every week and at least seven hours of Italian.

Day 3 – 6 


To my surprise and by changing my hours of working on the two days that I work at home, I managed to write on both Wednesday and Thursday which is a hip hip yup from me. Usually  I feel guilty because I am too tired to write after I finish my day job or I go to the kitchen and add to my future lifestyle of obesity by gorging on everything I can eat in my kitchen.  Actually the fact that I am gluten intolerant limits the amount I can eat, thank you food allergy for keeping me trimmish.

Anyway back to the point, I wrote on both Wednesday and Thursday and, drum roll please, Friday too.  I worked using my iPhone (thank you Scrivener app) and my new mini keyboard, which is a challenge in itself, and got 900 words done.

So I got more done last week than I usually do and I feel great about it. Plus I counted the amount of words I am onto and i am hitting seventy one thousand which really good considering it’s a re drafted draft from less than forty five thousand words.

Not saying there won’t be a crap load of changes but as I have made the story more complex and have decided that it is going to aimed at adults and not children, I think it will do from another two drafts, at best, and then I’ll be ready to send out and see.  I’m not nervous about it as I once was, I have nothing to loose.  Well not dream wise anyway.


So I have done Italian almost every day.  I took the weekend off, like I do for writing. I know these things are meant to be done everyday, I get that but, well, yeah, I take off the weekend.

I had a slight set back when my Italian friend told me that some of things being told to me on my Italian language learning app is wrong.  When I asked him if Michel Thomas was teaching a more colloquial way, he said, ‘well I wouldn’t understand what you are saying’ and for avoidance of doubt he followed this up by saying ‘because it is wrong.’  Slightly annoying but I’m going to continue, can’t all be wrong, right?

In any case I am on target, I think.  I am currently learning the future tense ‘ra and ro’ endings. And I keep telling myself I can do it, which actually makes me remember more. Seems a positive mental attitude + putting in the time actually works in some respects.

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