Mission statement 

 I am trying to be more selfish with my time.  In other words I am going to try and be more focused and less distracted.   I am going to do this for the next three/six months to see how I go and see what I can achieve.   

Schedule is to complete at least ten hours of writing every week and at least seven hours of Italian.

Day 2


So this is my second day of selfish with time experiment and it is not going great.  Firstly I am as tired as hell and have just ate at least a packet of those fake Lucozade tablets, in an attempt to stay awake, with very little success.  Secondly, I am so drained that I am sure that my main achievement today is words on a page in a random order. Thirdly, my phone is about to run out of battery  so it’s more enforced rather than chosen selfishness with time. Still, I wrote 1000 words so congrats to me. It’s going to be one hell of a re write though….

On the upside tomorrow should be better.  I plan to do more work in the morning rather than leaving it late .  This should leave me with enough actual, rather than forced energy to do some decent work.


I have done about 20/25 minutes today on my way to work.  I was quite reluctant to get started, not sure why, but once I was in to it I was able to learn a lot and I enjoyed it.  My approach is to go over what I had done before, before going onto more complex stuff.  This will work as semi revision and I will retain more this time around.

And I can now say with confidence a few phrases, although listening and speaking is ever so slightly different and in an effort not to scare my fellow commuters I am not practicing out loud.

But I should note that if they played the same music they do on one of my Italian apps (this one is leaning Italian to music) I’m pretty sure I could rap and sing out some Italian like a second division pro.

Will try and do a bit more when I get home, and may even go to sleep to the sound track of Michel Thomas telling me that he knows it (can say (kind of) but can’t spell) which should be interesting.

Random thought of the day 

I have this irrational fear that one day I will wake up and not know how to speak English. It is born out of this documentary where this woman woke up with a Chinese accent having never stepped into China. Scary, I always wondered if she bothered to learn Chinese in the end…

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