Now this is a slight deviation from my normal blog post which is just transport and it is more about surveillance.   This came to me this morning as I was reading about the new legislation which would cause internet providers and apps to record our information and give it to the police.  This has me worried.

I have nothing to hide.  I would like to think that I am a fully legit person, but the fact that my information could at a request or a hack become someone else property is scary. It is also not what I signed up for.    

Transport links

I think I have indicated this in another post but I will say again, there is a continual lean to have all our information on our credit/debit cards. So with one card we now have the information of where we go, how we spend our money and what we spend our money on.    

Like I may have said before, I don’t have a contactless card as of yet, but it is not going to be long.  Plus I have used apple pay which is just as bad.  Now that is my travel (when I have not got my Oyster care which thank goodness has only been once), my emails, text messages and other social media on one device. 

This means all those science fictions films and books were true, they can, if they want to, track me.  My movements and my habits can be anticipated.  How long before they do a minority report and they start assuming I am guilty of a crime that hasn’t yet been committed? 

I mean, yes it is a little far fetched, but with the continual gathering of information and the government possibly going to achieve the go ahead to access one part of it, you can see why one would think that it will not be long before they can have everything. 

Benefits and robots

Yes, I can see how it would help to try and find people.  Even that it would help catch criminals and  prevent crime in some instances.  I can even see that if you have a group of people more likely to commit crime, you can investigate why and put in places measures which takes away the need for people to resort to this type of behaviour.   And yet still whilst it is directly affecting my freedom, I do not agree.

I won’t go into a crazy rant about the consideration of the coming of the age of Robot, though I could do, lol. Science fiction is after all just a precursor to science fact and we have all seen Terminator, Irobot and other robot type movements, hell even humans on channel 4 have advocated the same.  But I will leave it there.   

The thing is

All I’m saying is that it wont be long before not only our internet information but every part of our lives is under the microscope. 

It doesn’t matter that there is book called 1984 that predicted what is slowly becoming a reality.  It is by the by that the argument to people who argue freedom is, well if you haven’t got anything to hide why worry.  And is it a damn shame that democracy = doing what we want as soon as you have voted for us on a range of different proposals.    

The fact of the matter is that the contactless card, Oyster and apple pay will soon enough become tools for the government to snoop on people. And they will claim it under some rubbish of trying to stop extremists and ignore the fact that more and more come to light because of these types of measures.   

But I could be wrong.  It could be just as they say.  Limited information to help. Who knows; I hope I am. 

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