I was lucky today.  I was able to work from home instead of trying to get into the office.  From what I heard on the news this seems to be the same of many other people; contingency plans were put into place.   

The last time I ended up leaving my house at a stupid hour and walking to work.  I was lucky that I could walk from where I got the train to, but it was long, laborious and really not necessary considering how much I pay for a travel card each month. 

I have heard a lot about the unions and their wretched actions.  I have heard about how Transport for London are manipulative with the propaganda.  And I been subject to  one side after the other spending their time, it seems, on television or in the newspapers, trying to convince everyone that they are all doing all they can. 

Instead of spending the time trying to sort things out.  They are using their precious resources,it seems, to win the hearts and the minds of the public. When all the public wants is to get on the tube.

I want to be able to get to work when I need to get to work.  I want both sides to be treated fairly.  And I would like a resolution.  I am going to thanking neither the unions or TFL when everything is resolved because, to be quite frank, that is how it should be.

To be honest although it is annoying I am not really surprised.  And in some ways I think to myself, why exactly wasn’t the Mayor and TFL more forward thinking. Lets think of some facts:

  1. Unions tend to use strike action when they want something enforced.
  2. The Mayor and TLF know this.

So why is it that before they announced the night tube, which I am highly in favour of, they didn’t tell the unions first.  Didn’t negotiate what it would mean.  Didn’t come to a resolution before they had a date?

And ok, what is done is done, so moving onto the future.  Everyone is talking about money and holidays.  I get less holiday and earn less than people that work on the tube.  Is their work more demanding? I don’t know.  What I do know is that if someone paid me more and told me that I then had to work over night, I would decline.  Money isn’t everything. 

And yes I have heard people say and I can understand, that if you don’t like the job, find a new one.  But this isn’t what they signed up for.  What if that person loved their job but had two kids, a parent they need to look after or someone relying on them? Then working through the night would not be an option.

Somewhere along the line both the unions and TLF have lost sight of that. And all I see sight of is more money being promised to workers which means that my travel card is probably going to go up even more in January.   

All anyone, including me, wants is for matters to be finished and everything to be sorted.  So no more going on tv or taking out ads in the paper to prove your that you’re right and they’re wrong.  No one cares. 

Time would be better spent locking all relevant parties in a room and refusing for any of them to exit until they come to an answer.  Harsh I know.  But we are slowly seeping into trying times… 

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