Yes I will confess to being one of those people that my cousin finds intolerable.  You know the ones that have a huge backpack which takes up the space of a person; The ones that refuse to take it off. 

Yep, I am afraid, actually scrap that, I am not ashamed to say that I am one of those people.

You see…

I have since the beginning of, I don’t know when, always had a backpack.  It is one of those things that my friends laugh about.  It doesn’t concern me. I am never not carrying something of note.  And it helps me to transport what I need from place to place.   And it’s like a brief case but with more space and no fancy mechanisms that can get stuck.  And everything in it is essential to my day. Plus it doesn’t all fit into a smaller bag.

So why?

It is the correct lifestyle choice. Is the short answer.

The long one is that my bag weights a ton.  It is at the scale end of what is alright to carry.  In fact I have been warned several times that I need to ‘lighten the load’ and I have tried to  much non success.

Like I have said it doesn’t fit into a smaller shoulder bag.  Ok if it was a very big handbag maybe everything would  go in but then it would damage one or the other shoulder. And anyway if I started bashing people about with my very huge bag carried on a single side it would raise another set of issues.   Besides, it is dangerous business stressing those things that hold up my neck.

So when I get looks and the odd person who decides to the spokesman for all people and asks me to take it off, it is not with complete disregard to their plight that I refuse.   

I understand, can you?

Now I know this can be empathised with but then you may ask: why do you not put it on the floor during your the journey? It is true, if it is placed between my legs then it takes up almost no room.  So what reason could I have not to?  Well, the answer to this is three fold.  1. The floor is dirty; 2. There is a  high chance someone might kick my bag (it contains valuable things in it).  3. I simply do not want to. 

And I get it.  I should think about all the other people who are just trying to get to work/school/home.  And I do.  See: 

  • I move out the way so other people can stand between the aisles on the train. 

(Ahem, the reason I don’t go down the aisle is because for some reason on trains there is nothing to hold onto between seats and I don’t fancy falling over (I happily shift down aisles on the tube though)).   

  • I apologise for the rare times that I may tread on someone’s toe. 
  • If I am playing music I keep it to personal level.   
  • I move out of the way when someone wants to get off at a stop before mine.

So I do think of others but with my backpack I cannot conceded.


To be fair, I am not completely ignorant of circumstances.  For instance last week on the tube strike I took off my backpack to get on the bus.  It was still a horror of a journey but at least people could get to their destination. Though to be honest it was one of my lighter backpack  days so that was the only reason it was a feasible option.   

On the upside

My backpack has a lot of  useful stuff in it.  So if ever the train, tube, tram or bus breaks down and everyone is stuck for hours on end in a packed carriage, my backpack could be the difference between a pleasant wait to be rescued and an excruciating time.   

So until they invent a small bag which has the Mary Poppins capacity to hold more than it looks and is as light as a feather… You’ll have to forgive me for the backpack I am not taking off, even if it is rush hour. 

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